Social development

while fostering citizenship

Suzano seeks to transform its presence in Mato Grosso do Sul into a social legacy, which is why we are working to bring concrete improvements to quality of life in the community of Ribas do Rio Pardo through robust actions and investments in the social area.

The success of our business is leveraged by social development, a commitment assumed and reaffirmed by Suzano with the construction of this new plant, always based on our core principle that it’s only good for us if it’s good for the world.


Actions to improve the quality of public education through teacher training.

Income generation

Investment in family agriculture, beekeeping, cattle raising and the circular and creative economy.

Protecting human

rights of children, youth and women.


Support for research into solutions in water resources, household sanitation
and solid waste.


Offering preventive or
corrective oral health services to vulnerable communities.

Public management

Support for local land development by coordinating partnerships and resources.


Helping youth find their first job and supporting professional training and female entrepreneurship.

Find out about the main initiatives underway since 2022 or which will be implemented by 2024, when Suzano's new plant comes into operation.

Social Projects

Suzano – Ribas do Rio Pardo Unit
Highway BR-262, KM 220
8 kilometers from center of Ribas do Rio Pardo (heading to Três Lagoas) and approximately 100 kilometers from Campo Grande.

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